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Craig Johnson Joins the Speaker Deck!

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Arr, me hearties!  It's been awhile since we've talked about more guests comin' aboard!  We recently had the fine fortune of having Craig Johnson of Matchstic.com join us as a speaker for program's Friday "Branding and Marketing" workshop!  Tis a fine occasion for us all!

Craig is the President and co-founder of Matchstic. A native Atlantan, Craig graduated from Georgia State University and for his entire career he has worked on the business side of a creative industry, starting with managing rock bands and moving on to become the business arm of Matchstic. His vision for the company was to create a place where smart creatives could thrive and produce work that generates real change for business.

Let's welcome Craig Johnson aboard, and thank him heartily for sharing his branding expertise with us!  Arrr!

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